Design Review Process

1.      Application Submittal:

Design Review Applications are submitted to Planning Staff. The Planning Counter is located on the second floor of City Hall and is open daily until 1:00 p.m.  The application document includes a detailed list of submittal requirements.

2.      Initial Application Review:

Planning Staff will determine whether the Design Review Application is subject to staff-level approval from the Community Development Director , or from the Planning/Historic District Commission.

If a submittal is considered exempt from Design Review by Planning Staff, the applicant will be referred to the Building Division to determine if a building permit(s) is required for the project.

3.      Application Completeness:

Staff determines if Design Review Application is complete or incomplete.  A complete list of the submittal requirements is provided with the Design Review Application.

If Design Review Application is considered incomplete, Staff will provide applicant with a written description of the items necessary to deem the application complete.

4.      Application Review:

Once the Design Review Application is deemed complete by Staff, the submittal is reviewed by City Staff, including (but not limited to) the  Engineering, Building, Arborist, and Planning Divisions. A notice will then be posted on the project site informing the public of the day and time of the Design Review Hearing/Meeting for the project at least ten days prior to the hearing/meeting.

5.      Application Determination:

Commission-Level Reviews

For Commission-level reviews, a hearing is held by the Planning Commission (or the Historic District Commission if the project is in the Historic District). This meeting occurs on the Wednesday following the posting of the Design Review notice on the project site at City Hall Council Chambers, 50 Natoma Street. Historic District Commission hearings occur at 5:00 p.m. and Planning Commission hearings occur at 6:30 p.m. The Commission votes on whether to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the Design Review Application. 

Staff reports and minutes are located here for the the Planning Commission and here and Historic District Commission. Any person dissatisfied with the action of the Planning/Historic District Commission may appeal  the decision to the City Council within the ten calendar days of this decision.

Staff-Level Reviews

For Staff-level reviews, Planning Staff conducts a meeting to discuss the submittal and take in comments from the public. This meeting occurs on the Thursday following the posting of the Design Review notice on the project site (at 4:00 p.m. in the Community Development Conference Room, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 50 Natoma Street).  After this meeting, Planning Staff will make a decision to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the Design Review Application.  The  applicant will be notified in writing (by e-mail or mail) within ten calendar days of the decision regarding the Design Review Application.

Once a decision is issued regarding the Design Review Application a public notice will be posted on the project site for a period of not less than 10 calendar days.  Any person dissatisfied with the action of the Community Development Director may appeal the decision within the aforementioned 10-day appeal period.

A list of active Staff-level Design Review submittals are shown in the following table:

Meeting Date

Project No.

Project Description


Design Review Notice

Plans Decision Letter    
 22-Mar-18 18-094 Residential Addition 137 Tomlinson Dr.   PN 18-094 Notice    
22-Mar-18   18-029 New Custom Home  678 Sundahl Dr.  PN 18-029 Notice   Plan Set  
22-Mar-18   18-034  New Custom Home  682 Sundahl Dr. PN 18-034 Notice   Plan Set  
22-Mar-18   18-028  New Custom Home 686 Sundahl Dr. PN 18-028 Notice  Plan Set   
 22-Mar-18  18-062  New Custom Home 500 Serpa Wy.  PN 18-062 Notice Plan Set   
15-Mar-18  18-078 New Custom Home 601 Sundahl Dr.  PN 18-078 Notice  Plan Set   Approval Letter
 15-Mar-18 18-023 New Custom Home 713 Oreno Cir. PN 18-023 Notice Plan Set  Approval Letter 
08-Mar-18  18-061 New Custom Home 413 Tobrurry Wy. PN 18-061 Notice Plan Set Approval Letter 
 08-Mar-18  18-056 New Custom Home  690 Sundahl Dr.   PN 18-056 Notice   Approval Letter
08-Mar-18  18-044  New Custom Home  757 Oreno Cir.   PN 18-044 Notice  Plan Set   Approval Letter
08-Mar-18   18-043 New Custom Home  761 Oreno Cir.    PN 18-043 Notice  Plan Set  Approval Letter