Design Review Process

1.      Application Submittal:

Design Review Application submitted to Planning Staff. Check the Design Review Application and Requirements.

2.      Initial Application Review:

Planning Staff will determine which level of review the Design Review Application is subject to including: Exempt, review by Community Development Director, or review by Planning Commission.

If Design Review Application is considered Exempt by Planning Staff, the applicant will be referred to the Building Division to determine if a building permit(s) is required for the project.

3.      Application Completeness:

Planning Staff determines if Design Review Application is complete or incomplete.  A complete list of the submittal requirements is provided with the Design Review Application.

If Design Review Application is considered incomplete, Planning Staff will provide applicant with a written description of the items necessary to deem the application complete.

4.      Application Review:

Once the Design Review Application is deemed complete by Planning Staff, the Design Review Application and associated submittal materials are routed for review by the following City Divisions:  Engineering, Building, Arborist, and Planning.

5.      Application Determination:

On the Thursday following the week in which the Design Review Application was deemed complete (at 4 p.m. in the Community Development Conference Room, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 50 Natoma Street), Planning Staff will conduct a formal review and evaluation of the application.  At this meeting, Planning Staff will make a decision to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the Design Review Application.

The  applicant will be notified in writing (by e-mail or mail) within ten calendar days of the decision regarding the Design Review Application.

Once a decision is issued regarding the Design Review Application a public notice will be posted on the project site for a period of not less than 10 calendar days.  Any person dissatisfied with the action of the Community Development Director or Planning Commission may appeal within the aforementioned 10-day appeal period.

Recently Reviewed

Meeting Date

Project No.

Project Description


Design Review Notice

Plans Decision Letter    
14-Sep-17 17-320 Residential Addition 131 Gold Creek Cir.  PN 17-320- Notice Plan Set  Approval Letter 



Residential Addition

107 Snow Bar Ct.

PN 17-323 Notice

Plan Set

Approval Letter
28-Sep-17 17-314 New Custom Home  540 Serpa Wy. PN 17-314 Notice Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-182  New Custom Home  1707 Lake Vista Wy. PN 17-182 Notice Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-264  New Custom Home  754 Oreno Ct. PN 17-264 Notice Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-094  New Custom Home  565 Ramos Dr. PN 17-094 Notice Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-315  New Custom Home  715 Oliver Ct. PN 17-315 Application Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-316  New Custom Home  732 Oliver Ct. PN 17-316 Notice Plan Set
 28-Sep-17  17-317  New Custom Home  752 Oliver Ct. PN 17-317 Notice Plan Set